Key Benefits

Freedom to manage your health

ManageMyHealth™ is a new online service that gives you the freedom to manage your health needs and that of your family anytime, anywhere.

Access and maintain medical records

Allows you to access your medical records and view medical conditions, lab results, immunisation records, allergies, prescriptions and share health information as required with other healthcare providers.

Improve your health and track your progress online

Provides you with online tools to improve your health and track your progress online.

Available to you right now. The registration process is quick and easy.

Enhance practice efficiency and effectiveness

Connecting clinicians with patients online to enhance practice efficiency and effectiveness.

Reduce communication costs

Reduces communication costs through electronic recalls, lab results and secure email.

Share patient medical information

Disclose protected patient medical information to any hospital.


Access selected information to specialists, healthcare support staff and family.

Emergency care

Enables safe and secure sharing of patient medical information to emergency responders.

Advances the delivery of care

Advances the delivery of care by making it easy to access patient information at the point of care.

Reduces delays and time to diagnose patients

Reduces delays and time to diagnose patients by having access to patient’s medical information.

Enhances patient experience and continuity of care

Enhances patient experience and continuity of care. Join ManageMyHealth™ today!


Medtech Kiosk

An efficient patient registration and queue management solution at hospitals

  • Reduces patient wait time
  • Speeds up the patient registration process
  • Multilingual interface


Ensures privacy, security and confidentiality of health information

  • Store and access medical records securely
  • Authenticated patient identification
  • Enhanced quality of care
  • Access to patient medical history in emergency situation


We move the data, not the patient.

  • High-quality secure audio/video communication
  • Easy to set-up and integrate medical devices
  • Real-time vital data transfer

Wellness Screening Program

A wellness screening program for healthier lifestyle.

  • Provides information on your current health and lifestyle
  • Helps to set realistic wellness goals
  • Identify, assess and manage health risks

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