Patient Portal

Manage My Health is a powerful online platform that gives you the freedom to
manage your and your family’s health needs anytime, anywhere.

My health in my hands

Manage My Health offers an easy way to control your and your family’s health. Even if you don’t see your doctor often, Manage My Health can help you stay on top of your health and wellness. You can access the portal online anytime, anywhere to connect with your clinic. As per the teleconsultation guidelines, patients who are on chronic follow-up should consult the doctor in-person at least once every six months.

Book appointments

Save time by easily booking appointments online with your healthcare provider.

Make payments online

Make payments for video and appointments in real-time.

Test results

View your lab test results as soon as your doctor receives them, directly through your personal health platform.

Access your health records

Access your digital medical records to view recent medical conditions, immunization history, allergies, and prescriptions—all conveniently located in one place for a quick and comprehensive overview of your health.

Receive timely reminders

Stay on track with appointment reminders, health record notifications, and recalls.

Connect with your healthcare provider

The Manage My Health helps you contact any of your regular health practitioners at the tap of a button.

Video consultation

Unable to get to your doctor’s clinic? Our high-quality virtual consultation software seamlessly connects you with your healthcare professional from anywhere in the world.

Safe and secure

The Manage My Health website is hosted in a secure online environment. Similar to internet banking, it uses security technology to ensure your information is completely safe and secure. Of course, we rely on you to keep your password a secret and to take all reasonable measures to protect your information.

Everything at your fingertips

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Safe, secure technology

Just like internet banking, we use SSL security technology to keep all your important data safe and secure.

See your health record

See all of your recent medical conditions, lab results, immunization records, allergies, and prescriptions at a glance.

Connect with our Doctor

ManageMyHealth helps you connect with any of your regular health practitioners securely at the tap of a button.

Enjoy 24/7 access

Because our service is web-based, you can access all your health information.

Your health belongs in your hands. Join us today!

Take control of your own well-being. Join us today! Ask the front desk at your doctor’s office about signing up for the Manage My Health portal to see if you’re eligible.

1. All you’ll need is your phone number and email address you used to sign up at your clinic, and that’s all it takes to set up an account.

2. You’ll receive an SMS from us with easy steps to finish your online registration.

It’s that simple! Join us today.